Welcome to the Life Capture Project Brief. Please fill out this form to the best of your abilities. If you come across a section that is not applicable to your project please write N/A. If you feel you require more information before filling in a field please write “???”

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Project Description

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Provide 3 examples of videos that inspire the style and execution you are looking for:

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Please choose one of the following options which best explains how we are going to connect your brand with your audience. The branding throughout the video will be:
Extremely subtle, this will not feel like a commercial. The main goal is to create something that our viewer will want to share.
Subtle, but video must begin or end with a logo, so the viewer knows who created it.
Noticed visually throughout the video and talked about when possible. Video will definitely end with a logo.
Do you have a branding package you can provide us? This would include your corporate font, colour values, vector graphics/logos etc.

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Social Media

We love to share what we do on social media. This might include production photos, behind the scenes clips, etc. Please share your social media channels with us so we can tag you.
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