Wedding Photos

Wedding Photos

One day, a million moments

Relive your most precious memories any time you like. Wedding photography crystallizes your love and commitment with the perfect shot for every second.


Let the most important people in your life know about your engagement with a unique and stylish portrait. Perfect for social media, and beyond. Add style and class to you invitations with a personalized announcement photo. Guaranteed to impress your future guests!.

The Big Day

Bask in the joy and excitement of your day without worry or care. We’ll be there to capture every moment, yours to cherish forever.


Through prints, websites or slideshows, we'll showcase your most precious memories in beautiful, everlasting ways.


Here is a selection of some of our favourite wedding photos. To see some of our Wedding Videos visit this page.

  • Preparation

  • $400
  • From lacing up your shoes to putting on the dress, start to finish, we’re there. Don’t miss a single moment before you reach the isle.

  • Ceremony

  • $1200
  • The music plays, the moment has arrived! Each step and every smile is precious. We don’t miss a thing, and neither will you.

  • Portraits

  • $1200
  • After the ceremony, we’ll find the most picturesque locations to gather your friends and family. Beautiful portraits come easy with post-ceremony bliss.

  • Reception

  • $1200
  • Time to par-tay! Let loose and celebrate your love. We’ll help you remember the spot, the decorations, the laughter and all the shenanigans.

  • Engagement

  • $400
  • Announce your engagement with a beautiful image. Two hours in a location of your choice means two hours of smiling blissfully at the love of your life.

  • Photo Booth

  • $665
    up to 3 hours
  • Good friends, good props, good times. Photo booths are a fun way to engage your guests and capture amusing moments. Whether your event is big or small, we’ve got you covered.