David & Lee Wedding

We are extremely proud to share all of David and Lee’s wedding videos we cut, above is the Long Form cut. A Long Form video ranges from 5 minutes or longer and is the most memorable way to present your wedding day. Below are all of the other types of cuts Life Capture provides, Including:


A very shot highlight video featuring many great shots from the day. This short introductory video is perfect for social media and a great way to share the day with friends and family while the Long Form cut is being made. This type of video is one that can be put together within days of your wedding. This cut is typically 30 seconds or less.


This style of video is a fun way to share your wedding day in a form that’s similar to a Hollywood Movie Trailer with appropriate music depending on the genre you’re looking for. This cut is typically 45 seconds to 1:30.

Short Form

The Short Form cut ranges from 1 to 2 minutes in length and is a great highlight of the day. As of this posting Instagram allows videos up to 1 minute in length so if you have a significant Instagram presence then the Short Form cut is perfect for you.

Medium Form

The Medium Form cut ranges from 2-4 minutes and really hits the sweet spot between the Short Form cut and the Long Form cut.

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